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Mount Athos or Agion Oros, as it is locally known, is the oldest surviving monastic community in the world.

It dates back more than a thousand years, to Byzantine times.

It is a unique monastic republic, which, although part of Greece, it is governed by its own local administration.

It occupies the best part of the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki.

And just as I escort them there and now and then, so do my forebearers accompany me and stand with me here today. We have dreamed towers of yearning, of Jerusalem rebuilt, of Jerusalem united, of a peace that will swiftly and speedily establish us in our days.

"I am a wandering Jew with the cloak of memory around my shoulders and the staff of hope in my hand. Amen." Supernatural When we look back at the history of the Jewish people which we have just examined at lightning speed in this series, we have to keep one key thing in mind: The very survival of the Jewish people through recorded time is nothing short of miraculous.

Can you just pray for a money miracle and hope that it happens?

Miracles occurred there daily and could be witnessed by anyone. However, even in exile God is looking after the Jewish people, even if His presence now is concealed.I have actually helped MANY people get money miracles.It does require openness to a totally new approach to money miracles, an approach that is probably unlike anything you’ve been told by authority figures in the past.Its snow-capped peak is usually crowned by white clouds, an awesome sight to see.Because of its isolation Mount Athos has remained one of the most unspoiled parts of Greece.