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Our search criteria are diverse, covering things like general information about a campsite, the facilities, services, activities, etc.For example, you can specify that you are looking for a naturist campsite in the Aquitaine region in France that has a heated and covered pool, is dog-friendly and has a tennis court, sauna and golf course on-site or nearby. Our selection of 31 different maps is a great way of finding the perfect naturist campsite for your holidays.

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The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without supplying reasons for doing so.

The traditions of the Foreign Legion are expressed by: - its special uniform, - its music and songs, - its solemn pace for parades, - its ceremonies particular to the Foreign Legion After three years of service, a legionnaire can ask for the French nationality and may also be entitled to a French resident permit if he has obtained a certificate of satisfactory military service.

The resident permit is valid for ten years and is renewable.

The House Representative Committee is responsible for the general welfare of resident students and the maintenance of order and discipline in the residences.

Resorts and rest houses owned by Sri Lanka tourism with basic facilities at affordable rates.